Photo of the 1925 Champs - of what and where, who knows. No writing on reverse side.

Found in "How To Play Soccer" by Douglas Stewart. Published by American Sports Publishing, 1924.

No cover scan, as this pamphlet is missing its cover.

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  1. No telling where, but of what, I'd guess women's basketball... the gal front and center is holding the evidence...

  2. I would normally agree with you Lady D., but the soccer balls pictured in the book look awfully similar.

  3. True, it was 1925 after all. The other thing I noted was the publication date of that book... not long before the 1925 season opened...

  4. Well, what ever sport it is, those ladies are completely adorable. ;)

  5. I actually think it is basketball. I found myself very drawn to this photo. Something about the girl holding the basketball intrigued me. She seems like the rebel of the bunch. The girl beside her on the right is the pretty, popular one. The girl on the left is the bookworm.

    Anyway, I just spent an hour trying to find out who these girls were, with no luck. I think it's basketball because I could find no female soccer group photos from the time, and plenty of basketball ones that looked similar to this.

  6. Awesome photo!

    More possible evidence supporting the basketball claim: and aren't soccer teams usually larger than that? (even in 1925?) Basketball only has 5 playing at a given time.