And The Award Goes To...

I found this memo from Diener / Hauser / Bates Co., a famed advertising agency. Diener-Hauser ran the first-ever television ad for a motion picture and helped pioneer the concept of wide releases in film distribution.

The agency specialized in movie marketing, with clients including Paramount, Fox, Columbia, Disney, MGM, United Artists, TriStar, Orion, New Line and Miramax.

Some of the studio campaigns created under Hauser's supervision included "MASH," "Serpico," "The Godfather," "Saturday Night Fever," "Rocky," "The Pink Panther" and every Ingmar Bergman Film from the 1950s into the 1970s.

This memo, which includes five other pages not shown, lists the nominations for the Academy Awards. Selections for each category are marked in red pen, with a few notes here and there. Here's a list of the winners from that year.

Found in "The Fifty Worst Films of All Time" by Harry Medved (who was 17 when he wrote this) and Randy Dreyfuss. Published by Popular Library, 1978.

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