Still Greater

Advertisement for Greater New York Flour Mills. There's a postmark at the bottom, the date looks like March 17, 1883 from Marlboro NY.

Found in "The Further Adventures of Quincy Adams Sawyer" by Charles Felton Pidgin. Published by Grosset and Dunlap, 1909.

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  1. In color, but doesn't appear to be an advertising card. And the book cover? WONDERFUL!

  2. Would it be possible to see the entire cover?

  3. I'm not at work at the moment, I will scan the full cover for you tomorrow.

  4. No Problem. THANKS! The whole thing works, and I'd like to see - the whole thing!

  5. I'm not sure the postmark date could be 1883. The copyright date on that advertisement (see right side along the edge, but above postmark) looks to be 1887 or 1897 (date is blurry so I can't tell for sure from the scanned copy).

    I suspect it is copyright 1887; if so, postmark date of 1893 would make more sense.

    Regardless, it is an interesting advertisement. Thanks for sharing.