A Night At The Opera House

Invitation to the Semi-Centennial of Knights Templar Number 3 - Utica Commandery, Tuesday, June 24th, 1873:

Parade at 2 o'clock

Historical address at the Opera House at half past 8 o'clock

Ball and banquet following the address

Found in "Children of the Abbey" by Regina Maria Roche. Published by Porter and Coates, no date listed, circa 1874.

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  1. What a great piece of ephemera!!

  2. Totally intrigued by that title, and wikipedia says it was very popular in its day. The really extra interesting part is that Jane Austen referred to this in her Northanger Abbey novel. Looks like it would be a great read!

  3. Marie, it was yesterday's bookperdiem.

    Unfortunately for you, someone decided to buy it.

  4. edit: This one was mentioned in Emma, and the authors other popular novel, Clermont, was referred to in Northanger Abbey.