Letter, no date; I've cleaned up the spelling, but there are a few words I just can't figure out:

Andes, NY

Dear Minnie,

How are you? I hope you are coming back to school soon, we are lonesome without you. I went out to ride down hill today. The bugs would not go ???? ???? in the bank and thrown us all off. Well good-bye for now. I guess it's time to stop writing.

Your friend
Raymond H. Winner

Found in "Betty Gale on the Mesa" by Ethel Hueston. Published by David C. Cook, 1919.

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  1. "I hope you are coming back to school soon..." I love the cover on the book!

  2. The bugs wold not go Thay aung in (they hung on) the bank and..."

    Possibly he was fishing, or walking/riding near water and was hoping the bugs would leave the bank and fly away. A letter written in spring to a convalescing schoolmate might explain the content.

  3. Neat! My grandma's name is Betty Gale

  4. I want that book so much.

  5. The word 'bugs' is not correct. Try 'luge' (a type of sled) instead and the rest seems to make much more sense, does it not?
    It's all about a downhill sledding adventure!