Handwritten promise to repay $3000, dated 1845. There's a "Paid" stamp on the front of the "check" -

Waterloo 5 Sept 1845

Thirty days after date pay to the order of W.V.J. Mercer Esq. cashier three thousand dollars

$3000 Mr. Tho P Hart New York

Tho Fatzinger


2446 Oct 5

No 156 due 4th Oct

Found in  "Essays, Critical and Miscellaneous" by T. Babington Macaulay. Published by Carey and Hart, Philadelphia, 1843.

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  1. What an INCREDIBLY COOL and original blog you have here! And what an interesting and intriguing job. Thank you for sharing your finds. I love that you're capturing history not only in the books but in the stuff you find within. Thank you for sharing.