A Pal Like You

Greeting card, no writing:

A Pal Like You!

Oh, the road of life
is part uphill,
And the shadows come
As shadows will;

But what do I care,
Gray skies or blue
As long as I have
A pal like YOU.

Found in Shakespeare's "Tragedy of Coriolanus" published by Harper & Brothers, 1890.

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  1. That's sweet.
    I envy you for working at this book store of yours. Must be nice looking up forgotten bookmarks. Here in Norway the books aren't "back in style" yet, so no point of starting up anything...

  2. I love your blog! What a wonderful job you must have to be around books all day. Happy new year from Norway!

  3. Thanks VV.

    Ah, to be in Norway... one can dream, eh?