See Ya Monday

 Postcard, dated June 7th, 1974.

Judy -

Hi! Greetings from the Pa. Turnpike. Hope you didn't work too hard today!

See ya Monday


To: Miss Judy (I guess it could be Jody)
Main Street
Cooperstown NY 13326

Found in "The Little Minister" by J.M. Barrie. Published by The Lowell Press. It's our bookperdiem.

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  1. How surprising that as late as 1974 it was still possible to get a postcard delivered to "Main Street" without a house number! I doubt Cooperstown was THAT small even then.

    The photo on the card is clever, though possible not much appreciated by the Amish.

  2. Have made several trips along the PA 'pike on our travles; it's the first toll road in the country and they are still collecting ever increasing tolls! We have never seen a buggy on our travels. I especially liked this one and do wonder about delivering that in '74 too!

  3. What a wonderful blog! I've found recipes, clippings, and shopping lists in books, all of which were usually more interesting than the books! I think it's great that you've saved everything and collected it into a blog. I hope you don't mind that I've added your blog to my blog list so I can check back often.

  4. My Mom is from PA and I love the Amish that you see all around. There is also something about the 'ol turnpike and just brings back fond memories.

  5. I'm trying to figure out where, precisely, the photographer was standing for this shot!