No Illusions

Note card signed by author of this book:

Because this book is a gift it need not clutter up your shelves. Pass it on. The author has no illusions about its enduring worth. Nor need you fear that he will question you about the contents when we meet. But as long as it stays with you,  let this card remind you that it is sent with the sincere affection of your friend.


John van Schaick, Jr.

Boston, 1926

Found in "Cruising Cross Country" by John van Schaick, Jr.. Published by Universalist Publishing House, 1926.

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  1. I really like the sentiment of that card. Very gentlemanly. What a great way for a writer to leave their mark on one of their books.

  2. I agree with Cat B~a very lovely sentiment.

  3. I love that. It would be a really interesting thing to include in any books that you give as a gift, too, no? Just to see what happens.

  4. Kind of like bookcrossing, only more...intentional? personal?