Recipe for cough medicine.

(Cough Medicine)
1/4 Pint Jamaci (ed: Jamaican?) Rum
1/4 " Linseed Oil
1/4 oz. Sweet Spirits of Nitre
1/4 Pint New Orleans Molassies
Found in "The Diseases of Livestock and Their Most Efficient Remedies" by William B. E. Miller. Published by E.B. Goodrich & Co., 1889.

Ed: Please do not try this recipe at home. Do you really want to drink 1/4 pint of linseed oil?


  1. It'll fix whatever ails you, provided it doesn't make you sick first!

  2. I would recommend leaving out the linseed oil, molasses and spirits of nitro. Quadruple the amount of rum to make up the volume and I'm pretty sure, no coughing for the next several hours (or if you do cough, you won't know it!)

  3. i wonder if that's a remedy for livestock [given the book] or people [given the rum]! :^)