Preparing For Battle

I don't really know what to make of this. It reads like a critique of a fight.


B slap ????

Back heel
Don't move on pom. punch
Exp. knee
Hair pull
Getting into pinto?


Hi 4's
Weird roll on hands
sped up last phase sloppy
Dr. Saim a mess


1st knees exposed
nice b'slaps r'house
P- active hand
messy pinto?
Beautiful patinavdo ??
By the way, I darkened the image so you could read the handwriting a bit better. The paper is just plain white.

Found in "Bloodline" by Kate Cary. Published by Razorbill/Penguin, 2005.

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Laurie said...

Hmm. It almost reads like she's critiquing performances -- dancing? Video?

FairiesNest said...

It looks like director notes for a play. It has blocking, dialog, and character notes. (I was a theater major once upon a time.)

lilwolf said...

maybe they were judging some contest...martial arts?

Valerie said...

Could be choreographing a fight/confrontation scene--how interesting!

in defense of retail therapy said...

maybe cheerleading/drill team dance moves....or fight scene choreography as already suggested....kind of awesome.

Moonshadow said...

In the first set I believe that "Don't move on pom. punch" should be "Don't move B4 pom. punch" and on the last set, last word I think is patinando...

Definition for patinando:
Web definitions:
A forward step, with an appel from the rear foot at the moment when the front foot lands..

I would tend towards Martial Arts critique. I read the r'house as round house. Seems I've heard the term "pinto" used but don't remember where(though I'm not convinced that is what is written. That 'n' looks more like an 'm' but google only brings up 'pinto'). Oh, questionable on the "knees" too, theirs a tail that looks like the 'p' in the b'slaps. I think I'll share this with my FB friends and see if we can get it figured out.

Garth said...

This is a choreographer's fight notes for theater. A knap is when you fake the sound of a punch, kick, etc, by slapping your thigh or clapping or something like that--it says "knap", not knee, for both Lauren/Dana and Reed/Phil. (Exposed knap; 1st knaps exposed) You have to mask the knap to sell the hit.

ivy said...

Michael, you were on the right track!

@ Garth: Great response! Comments like yours are why I now know things, like what a "knap" is!

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