Back To My Roots

Postcard, dated August 4th, 1961, Jacksonville VT. Front is a photo of Commons, a building on the campus of Bennington College, my alma mater.

I'll do my best to read the handwriting:

Dear Edna,

I was so pleased to hear from Louise that you expect to go abroad this fall. Hope I'll be able to see you before you leave. I've been lively this summer - two weeks in ?? ??? and now three weeks in Vermont with good friends. (Editor: this next sentence looks like complete gibberish to me) Have dressed a lot of bob wear for bable days (????????????) The cottage where I'm staying overlooks a little lake.

Grace T

Found in "Selected Short Stories of Franz Kafka" published by The Modern Library, 1952.

JC offers: "missed a lot of hot uncomfortable days" Looks good to me.

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