You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

I know I don't normally post on Sundays, I'm usually too busy eating waffles and catching up with paperwork here at the store. I recently learned, however, that a friend of this blog has moved away from this little burg to the bright lights of New York. Not having a chance to say goodbye and good luck (technically, not having a chance to formally meet) I thought I would take this opportunity to say Good bye! Good luck! Central New York is suddenly much less cool.

The ladies and gents of the Barn send along their best wishes as well.

Take care, Brit.

On to today's bookmark -

Photo (of course it had to be a photo) from a family reunion.

Marked at bottom: "Lull Reunion - Aug. 26 '93."

Found in "The History of England: Volume IV" by David Hume and William Cooke Stafford." Published by the London Printing Company, circa 1868.

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