Making A List

Shopping list on an index card:


Sweet wine
Small chain with a padlock & key

cumin seed

Bottom of plant holder

4 pieces of parchment

50 new pins, black bottle
Found in "The Complete Novels of Jane Austen." Published by Modern Library, circa 1937.

EDIT: @mistressmousey tells me it's "Chain" not Chair."

-Click to enlarge photos-


GemmaBeads said...

Ooh - I want this book too!!

unmoderated said...


Gemma, I sent you a DM on twitter.
Email me if you like:

Avid Reader said...

What a gorgeous book. And that is the best shopping list ever, sweet wine, 4 pieces of parchment, 50 new pins, black bottle. I love it.

Giulia said...

That is lovely & mysterious. A few more words, it's a poem. Hmm. Must get to work...


I have to put this in - verification is 'detect'

Alpha Monkey said...

That is a recipe for VooDoo if I ever saw one!

dreamfiction said...

I was fortunate enough to find some old books this year with vintage stamps, old photographs and inscriptions. The best one was a collection of Wordsworth poems. What a wonderful site!

Tricia said...

i wonder if the padlock is for the sweet wine? :^)

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