Rosa Marina

Recipe for Rosa Marina Salad:

1 lb box Rosa Marina
1 20 oz can crushed pineapple
1 15 oz can mandarin orange
1 8 oz Cool Whip

Drain fruit, saving juices. Mix juice, 4 eggs, 2 tablespoons flour. Cook until thickened over med heat, stirring so it doesn't burn. Chill.

Cook Rosa Marina accord. to pkg. Then chill with fruit.

When chilled, mix all ingredients including Cool Whip and chill

Found in "While My Pretty One Sleeps" by Mary Higgins Clark. Published by Simon and Schuster, 1989.

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  1. Pasta, canned fruit and cool whip? Um, No.

  2. Apparently Rosa Marina is an orzo pasta, so this would be like a rice pudding of sorts I guess.

  3. Yes, my aunt made Glorified Rice for family reunions when I was growing up in Wisconsin in the 60s and 70s. Here's wikipedia's summary:

    Glorified rice is a dessert salad served in Minnesota and other states in the Upper Midwest. It is popular in more rural areas with sizable Lutheran populations of Scandinavian heritage. It is made from rice, crushed pineapple, and whipped cream.

    Hmm... that's exactly the right niche, but it surprises me to find that it's a niche dish. It seemed as universal as Jello & fruit in a Bundt mold... but is that a niche food too???

  4. Oh, and I should add, it's pretty darn tasty. A friendly way to get more fruit in, as it can be served as a dessert.