Trade card advertising "Garfield's Tea Syrup."

Found in "The Observer: Being a Collection of Moral, Literary and Familiar Essays" printed by C. Dilly, London, 1795.

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  1. That seems such a weird product, Garfield Tea Syrup, good for babies and infants! The book is interesting, too: "Being a Collection of Moral, Literary and Familiar Essays", published in London in 1795, it could easily have been read by Jane Austen as a young woman.

  2. True.. when I read old books, I always wonder what they're reading.
    Gosh I hope they gave only tiny doses to babies... it's hard to imagine a laxative strong enough for an adult but also safe for a baby.

    I like the trade cards our bookseller finds sometimes. I think, if I wanted to collect something, I might collect them. The pretty pictures are such a good way to encourage ppl to spend at least a moment with the advertisement. I wonder why they fell out of favor... I'd like to see someone try to use them for marketing now. Probably the best use was bookmarks, and we're moving to e-books, so maybe it's too late....