They Go Steady

One page from a knitting catalog.

Not all that interesting, I just couldn't resist sharing the tagline:

A couple of pals, cardigan and pullover, really hit the headlines when they're handknit

Found in "Something Old, Something New" by Susan Rinehart. Published by Harpers, 1961.

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  1. What strikes me is that, if we could get rid of the belt and the dark lipstick on the girl on the right, these two could've walked right out of the 80s preppy era. :)

  2. well it's the 50's late and early 60's to me I had pleated skirts and cardigans like that but was not allowed lipstick.. this photo takes me back

  3. No, Michael--this on IS interesting! Not only for the fashion flashback--but for how refined-looking the knitting is on those handmade sweaters! Today, handknit sweater patterns tend to be chunkier. Great one!