Clothing And Camp

A second piece with the name of H.H.C. Kay:

Quartermaster General's Office
Washington City, D.C.
October 25 1864


Your consolidated return of clothing and camp and garrison equipage pertaining to Co. B 22nd Reg. Penna Gar. for period from July 1st 1863 to January 27th 1864 has been received and examined at this office, and sent to the Second Auditor of the Treasury for settlement.

Remarks -

Very ??
By order of the G.M. Guard (?)


Capt. H.H.C. Kay
22 Penna Gar

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  1. These have been amazing to read and look at. I love reading and seeing Civil War correspondence and paperwork.

  2. Henry C. H. Kay was commissioned into Company B of the 22nd Pennsylvania Cavalry on July 17th, 1863. He was from Blair County, Pennsylvania. He had previously served in the 110th Pennsylvania Infantry, rising to the rank of 1st Lieutenant.

    The 22nd Pennsylvania Cavalry is one of the odd Pennsylvania units which was converted over into infantry later in the war (as the 185th Infantry).

    According to the muster rolls, he was under arrest when the regiment was mustered out of service. That's a tantalizing detail, eh?


    Where you've transcribed "Gar." it likely says "Cav."

  3. The signature is meant to be read:

    Very Resp[ectfull]y Your Ob[e]d[ien]t S[er]v[ant]
    By Order of the Q[uarter]M[aster] Ge[ne]ral

    Capt[ain] & A[ssistant] Q[uarter]M[aster]