Characteristics of People

Note, appears to be torn from a notebook:

Characteristics of People

She was methodical, even in eating - unconsciously apportioning her bites of egg to come out even with her mouthfuls of toasts, and leaving just enough coffee in the cup to enjoy 2 or 3 final swallows after all the food was gone. Her plate was always scraped clean, which was consistent with her frugal nature, but was also the result of her genuine enjoyment of all foods.

A basic conversation governed everything she did, often to the dismay of her children, who looked for quick acquiescence in all their demands.

Her good health and slim body, which had hardly varied in weight for 30 years, we fortunate inheritance from her hardly pioneer ancestors., but an instinctive respect for her body, and desire for prudent living were responsible for for her keeping of these treasures.

Found in "Manhattan: A Poem" by Charles Hanson Towne. Published by Mitchell Kennerly, 1909.

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  1. *were* fortunate inheritance from her *hardy* pioneer ancestors

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