This Just In

The bookshop has seen a lot of really nice books come in over the past few weeks. I thought I would share a few of them with you today. The photos aren't the best, I just wanted to take a bunch so you'd have something to check out.

First edition of "Charlotte's Web" signed by E.B. White

First (privately printed) edition of Lady Chatterley's Lover

Lovely little two-volume set of Homer's "Iliad" from the 1870s (I'm keeping this one)

Rare 1825 reference on expeditions to Brazil

Not particularly rare or expensive, just a neat old title

1845 volume, part of a set collecting all of the various expeditions sponsored by the United States. This one particular volume is all about Hawaii

First printing of Tom Wolfe's "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test." I've never seen it in hardcover

1766 book in original binding

Wee little volume of Homer's "Odyssey" - my favorite book

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  1. Great books. I really like the Charlotte's Web. I've only seen the paperback before, and I like the way they did the title on the spine. Plus it's signed. Extra amazing because of that.

  2. What does a Charlotte's Web like this one go for?

  3. Elizabeth -

    Here are all the signed first editions on Abebooks:

  4. What a treasure-trove! Thanks for letting us see these wonderful volumes.

  5. Holy Cow on the Charlotte's Web prices! I wore two of those out in my grade school library. They replaced the first, my mother bought the library the second copy. I couldn't turn it in I was so obsessed with it.

  6. I am just so jealous - what a wonderful "job" (is it really a job) to handle all these lovely items every day ...

  7. Fabulous! And I agree with Jewels!

  8. When was the Pope translation of the Homer published? (And how much is it going for?)

  9. Ellie - It was published in 1795. You can find single volumes like this one on Abebooks for $30 and up.