Much Love

Short note, likely part of a longer letter:

...soft things, ??? ? casseroles.

Elinor Bening is at Pillsbury Manor now + I hope Carol can take me to see her there sometime.

They said it was the coldest one since a record was made.

Now I can't see what I have written

Much love,

Found in "How To Live It Up And Live Longer!" published by Prevention Magazine and the Rodale Press, 1981.

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  1. I think that second word might be "curtains"

  2. I think the word before casserole is some type of soft food but can't quite make it out. It sounds like she is describing getting old, etc, and then talking about her friend in an old folks home. I haven't a clue if I'm right but it's fun to picture the person sitting there so many years ago penning the letter.

  3. I think it is 'certain casseroles since it comes after soft things, must have been related to what she can eat.