Devoted Friend

Old photograph of what appears to be the author of the book. Written on the back:

John Sobieski

1895 Just out of the U.S. Army before going to Mexico

Written on the front blank:

To J.S.

Remember me ever (??) as your devoted friend.

Col. John Sobieski
Sept 10 1915

Found in "Personal Reminiscences of Col. John Sobieski and A History of Poland" published by L.G. Sobieski, Los Angeles Ca. No date printed, introduction is dated 1900.

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  1. Interesting find, interesting book title.

  2. Do you ever keep forgotten bookmarks inside the book? That's one that seems like it should stay with the book, as it has more meaning that way.

  3. notorious - I usually keep the book and bookmark together, especially in this case. Adds value to the book!

  4. This is very cool. I went to high school with a Sobieski family. I wonder if they are in any way related to John Sobieski or L.G. Sobieski. How cool would it be if they were related and they could get their hands on the book and bookmark. Do you still have this book and bookmark?

  5. MM - I sold it to someone who also saw this post. Sadly, the book is currently lost in the mail.

  6. Oh no! Sorry to hear that, Michael. I forwarded the post to the Sobieskies that I know. They are not in any way related. Hope the book finds it's way safely to it's new home. Thank you for the reply.

  7. I have an autographed copy of this book, also. Mine is titled "Personal Reminiscences of Col. John Sobieski and a History of Poland. It's a 2nd edition and autographed by John Sobieski on Dec. 13, 1907. I found the 1st edition on the website "". Looks like John took the 1st edition and made edits.