Inauguration Day

I usually don't post many of the newspaper clippings I come across, they are rarely interesting enough to share. Today's find is a little more intriguing, and a lot larger than a clipping.

This is a four page supplement put out by the Washington Post on March 5, 1905 to celebrate the inauguration of Theodore Roosevelt. The front page has a nice illustrated spread featuring all the past Presidents, the inside is a huge drawing of the Roosevelt inauguration party, last page short biographies along with some facts and trivia.

Apologies for the low quality photos. I've got to get myself a proper camera for those pieces that just don't fit in the scanner.

The newspaper was found in "Hitchcock's New and Complete Analysis of The Holy Bible" published by A.J. Johnson, 1871.

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  1. That's a really interesting find!

  2. Wow. That is really cool! Thanks for sharing it.

  3. This is a real treasure to find. Thanks for sharing it with us.