Edmeston, 1869

Handwritten receipt of funds, dated 1869:

Edmeston - May 15th 1869

This may certify that I have received of Samuel Munro ten dollars, it being in full of all demand (?) for my share of (????) + Deborah Woolly's property (???) for which I am to give said Munro a (??) claim deed when called for this being for value received.

Mariah Brown

In witness of Mary Munro

Found in "Sunday Tales True and Strong" by Mrs. Marshall. Published by E.P. Dutton, 1880.

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  1. I believe it is "Deborah Woolly's property , deceased" and a quit claim.

  2. What Lioness said -- "deceased" and "Quit Claim". I also think the first name may be Litton.

  3. That's "Tilton and Deborah Wooly's property"