Target Practice

I found this poor soul of a book this morning, looks like someone used it for target practice.

You can see the embedded BBs or buckshot pellets that are still left, a few have fallen out over the years.

The book is "Herbert Hoover: A Reminiscent Biography" by Will Irwin, published by Grosset and Dunlap, 1928.

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  1. I guess the previous owner wasn't very impressed with the book... poor thing.

  2. I feel sad for that poor book, but I know of a few books that I'd probably only suggest as target practice, and books like this always have a level of beauty that barely-used books just can't reach.

  3. I hope that the shooter had not borrowed the book from someone. Don't you just hate it when someone gives you your books back and you have to tweezer out the buckshot hehehehe