All's Well

Two pages of song lyrics. I did a bit of looking around online and couldn't find a strict match, may have been an amateur composition.

All's Well That Ends Well

All's well that ends well
And I for one believe it's true
All my life I've been waiting
Just to find you
Each Prince Charming asks her his bride to be
She blushingly said, "Could you marry me."
Wondrous love to us has come
Our happiness is complete

It's been worth while
Searching all my life
To find you
Just across the street

(Remember) Broken Doll
When you and I were a boy & girl
I broke your doll one day
Then with a quick regret
Begged that you'd forget
And wipe your tears away
Your just a little butterfly - I understand it after all

You made me care
Do you think it's fair
A heart for a broken doll -

Found in "Elson's Music Dictionary" by Louis C. Elson. Published by Oliver Ditson Co., 1905

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