The Second Front

Typed letter on General Electric stationery:

Ft. Wayne, September 25, 1943

Mr. W.K. Williams
Bldg 4-6

The accompanying copy of "Punch In, Susie!" is presented to you with the compliments of the General Electric Company. Written in an honest and straightforward manner, it gives an interesting picture of the reactions of a newcomer in our organization.

The author, Nell Giles, is a staff writer on the "Boston Globe" who took a "job" at our West Lynn plant for the sole purpose of "writing the glamour of our women in war." Her day-to-day experiences while at work in our plant were published in Miss Giles' column in the "Globe" and attracted the attention of thousands of readers.

It is an amusing story, but despite its humor it contains a wealth of material that should prove to be of considerable value in enabling us better to understand the reactions and problems confronting our arm of new employees.

LC Swager
Personnel Division
Bldg. 18-2

Found in "Punch In, Susie" by Nell Giles. Published by Harper and Brother, 1943.

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  1. That's a really neat piece of history...I taught history for a few years and always loved sharing stories from my family and others I had picked up along the way. I love reading about the Second World War...what a neat book!

  2. What a wonderful find. This must be a great window on what day to day life was like for women and the idea of "war work." I enjoy your blog so much.