It's no secret that I love inscriptions. Found this one in the first volume of a two volume set, "Selected Writings of Bolívar" complied by Vicente Lecuna. Published by Banco de Venezeula as part of the Colonial Press, 1951:

Caracas, March 15, 1987

Dear Dr. Thomas

When my father, Eduardo Sosa, Eduardo's grandfather, was president of Banco de Venezuela he promoted "Bolívarianism."

Vicente Lacuna was a previous president of the bank and also a noted historian. Banco de Venezuela published several collections of Simón Bolívar's, letters and tactics as well as Napoleon Bonaparte's inspirational seeds in the mind and heart of our Bolívar. In 1951 the bank published in English these "Selected Writings of Bolívar" for a few customers and friends. I am sure you will find them of value.

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