The History Of A Book

I like knowing where a book came from:
Purchased for 25 cents from Bill Nash (Wilman) at this porch sale June 16, 1973 after his mother passed away and he sold his homeon 15 W. Main St, Sidney NY

Purchased gold plated umbrella handle also, which belonged to Mrs. Irwin W. Nash (Bill Nash's grandmother)

Found written in "Spare Moments: A Collection of Articles on Everyday Subjects Written During the Years 1922-1923 for the 'Commonwealth-Atlantic News." Published by McGrath-Sherril, 1924.

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  1. Wow. That's pretty darn specific. I wonder if all the other books in her library were thus labeled.....

  2. Hysterical. I inherited a bunch of sewing notions from my husband's great-aunt. She had labeled every pack of pins, needles, buttons, etc with the exact amount she paid for them and the date she bought them.