The Queen

Black and white photograph, no date written but there's a stamp on the reverse that may indicate 1981.

Someone decided to caption in (in a very strange hand) -

The queen b*tch and her ???? (my best guess is 'matron') trade brains

Found in "The Edith Wharton Omnibus" published by Doubleday, 1978.

EDIT: Yes, it probably says 'braids' and not 'brains,' but I'm leaving brains up because it's funnier.

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  1. I would so love to know the story behind that pic & caption-- they both look thrilled lol

  2. I think it's her "minion" -- and that they are sisters!

  3. ...i really think that last word is "braids."

  4. Ha ha, I was so annoyed with the fact that you thought it was "brains" I didn't read to the end to see that you fixed it. The girl writes like me, and I'm always annoyed people can't read my "easy to read" writing. ...and of course I'm going crazy over the middle part. which I swear is an s or a g. Guess it's time to work on my own handwriting.