Lacking Space And Direction

Photograph and the last page of a letter:

I'd like to have a studio to continue doing the type of work I'm doing here when we move to New York. I think I'll be able to sell myself so I can some freelance consulting to make a little money to live on and support my studio. And, of course, I'd like to teach a little bit. 
Allannah's been tutering college and high school students in math and we've been talking a lot about what helps people to learn. These discussions have got me thinking about how I taught the color class at Pratt and the many changes I'd have to make from the last time to better help the students understand and use color. I'm looking forward to really organizing my thoughts about color and trying to convey my ideas to students again. 
Allannah's having a lot of trouble at the school here. The place is right on the edge of disaster. 'Way underfunded, lacking space and direction, and it obviously has a morale problem amoung the faculty. She wants to achieve a lot and is very demanding about that, but the teachers do not seem to want their students to set their sights too high. This seems to be part of the overall attitude here in Maine and Allannah has not only to study her tail off, but also has to fight that attitude constantly. If we would have thought about the school at all before she started there, we would have gotten out of here and made sure she went to a good school. But since she has less than two semesters to go she's got to stick it out. 
I hope you both are feeling well and are having a good year with your classes at Pratt. 
I'd like you to keep the photographs if you want them and/or can use them for anything. If you don't want to keep them forever, you can send them back to me or give them to me the next time I see you (which I hope will be soon).
Sincerely yours,
PS Allannah says hello to you both

Found in "From Abacus to Zeus" by James Smith Pierce. Published by Prentice-Hall, 1977.

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