Reading, Writing, Insulting

A page from some kind of school planner, with assignments for various classes.

I don't know how they did thing back then, but I prefer to do my insulting on Fridays and suitcase returns on Monday. Get it right out of the way.

Found in "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" by Mark Twain. Published by Signet, 1960.

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  1. I like the essay assignment: "What is going to happen in the '70s?" :)

  2. I wonder what it refers to "stocks".. could it really be soemthing related to the stock market, when this person is still a schooler?

  3. I think he got put in the stocks because of the insults!

  4. Maybe they were learning about stocks in history class.

    I like how in the top left, they obviously had written "1969" first for the date, then had to scribble it out and correct it to 1970. Second (first?) week back at school, can't remember what decade it is...

  5. Funny. I tend to leave the insults out of my planner.

  6. Now I wonder what Jenny did!

    And if the one who wrote agenda still remembers what Jenny did! LOL!