Honolulu Baby

Lyrics (or instructions, if you prefer) for a square dance, probably called "Honolulu Baby."

Allemand the left,
With the lady on your left
Grand right and left
with your lady,
Swing her when you meet _ _ _
Promenade your Honolulu Baby

First couple right,
Circle four hand round,
Change, swing the one you love truly,
Leave her alone,
go back where you belong
Swing with your
Honolulu Baby -

Lead to the next -

Repeat chorus and on to next couple and etc. until all couples have had their turn

Found in "Stylists on Style" by Louis Milic. Published by Scribners, 1969.

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  1. Yeehaw!
    I miss my square dancing days. :)

  2. Maybe that was a Hawaii honeymoon book?

  3. Wow. That really takes me back to Junior High Phys.Ed. class! [yes, we had to square dance!!] ; )

  4. I didn't know square dance callers used cheat sheets!