Hangman, Wait A Little While

Notebook paper with an adorable game of hangman.

Found in "Clifford Goes to Hollywood" by Norman Bridwell. Published by Scholastic, 1980.

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  1. Clifford!!! I used to play hangman with my daughter on the place mats when we would go out to eat.

  2. So sorry about your disaster. I work at a library book sale once a week and am very fond of the books. We enjoy your website and book. Take care --

  3. That is so damn cute!! I saved a ton of my now grown children's pictures, writings, etc and they've had many a laugh-fest looking at them again. Do you ever wonder if an original *Lost Bookmark* owner is a reader here and has spotted their stuff?

  4. Hope things are starting to clear up for you. The clean-up is so hard.
    This too shall pass.