Things are calm and quiet here in the shop today. The winter holiday season is the busiest time of the year for us; add book promotion, manuscript for book number two, kitchen remodel and a very pregnant wife, and you have the recipe for a busy and stressful few weeks.

Most of that is behind me now (still finishing up the manuscript and waiting for the newest bookseller to arrive), so I'm taking today to collect my thoughts and finally exhale.

Here's a "inscription" I found the other day:

To Harvey Erhardt
Warren G. Harding 

 From "The Sleeping Beauty" published by Henry Altemus, 1905.
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  1. Oh wow. Can you verify the authenticity of that somehow? That's so neat.

  2. Alden, I am 100% sure it's not the real thing. I find a lot of these joke inscriptions in old books.

    Here's the WGH's signature looks like:

  3. It might be neither real nor a joke. Could be some regular schmo with the same name!

  4. I agree, Michael. It doesn't look like the same hand.

  5. Ah, you make a good point, Kelly. Poor kid.

  6. My gift of your book to my daughters-in-law's and close friend were a hit. I added a bookmark myself on vtg cardstock and warned them not to look for any naughty bits. Which sent them on a mad hunt. lol...I respectively sign this post with my hero's name~ A. Lincoln, aka know as becky up a hill..thanks for such a fun book~cheers.

  7. Yeah, the biggest problem with Harding's signature is that he died 5 years before the scribbled date...