Giveaway winners

Yes, I said winners. I was reminded that this is the last giveaway of the year - and it's been a damn good year for Forgotten Bookmarks, thanks to all of you. I thought I would throw together a few more prizes.

Winner of the original 17 vintage books was Kelly Marriott, who entered on Facebook.

Second prize are these matched volumes:

Winner of this batch was thisgirlremembers, who entered right here on Forgotten Bookmarks.

Last, not least, are these:

Winner of these was @ChasingAmyK, who (of course) entered on Twitter.

I will do my best to contact each of you, but if you see this - email me:

Have a safe New Year!

-Click to enlarge photos-


  1. I didn't win. Just wanted to say Happy New Year and Happy Baby~!

  2. Happy New Year
    and congrats to the winners..

    i alsao didn't win T_T

  3. I always miss the giveaways --probably because I don't have time to check in until the weekend. Congrats to the winners, anyway.