Shell Game

Illustration displaying the markings of various shells of ammunition, date and origin unknown.

Found in "Cassell's New Compact German-English English-German Dictionary" published by Cassell and Co., 1966.

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  1. I would say that what you have is a relic of the cold war. From the ook's date, and the info on teh card I'm pretty sure it's a dictionary some guy in Germany carried while keeping the Godless Communists from storming the west. Although on the bright side, it probably meant all he got was the cold and snow of Germany, instead of getting shot at in Viet Nam.

  2. I admit I'm only a lay-man in this particular subject as small arms are more my forte, but this appears to be an ID chart for WWII era artillery shells, perhaps even ship fired projectiles.

  3. I love a good hunt!

    There's your source.