Keeping The Girls Occupied

 First few entries in a diary:

July 5, 1980 (Bay Crest)

Today I started my diary and hopefully I will finish it.

Today I helped Grandpa paint the boat and after that I went on a long bike ride with my friend Eric.

July 6, 1980

Today we went to the fish hatchery, Eric came along.

I built a car with Legos and kept the girls occupied.

The waves were big today, you could surf on them.

I forgot to turn the water off in the 3rd floor tub but it had an overflow valve.

Found in "The Charlie Brown Dictionary: Volume 5" published by World, 1973.

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  1. And the diary was "finished" in two days. :)
    If this writer had been older, he might have appreciated his ambiguous remark about keeping the girls occupied.

  2. How cute! I like the illustration of the overflowing bathtub.

  3. I like to think there's more of a diary, it just isn't in that book...

    And on the book: when I was young, my sister had a Charlie Brown Cookbook. The only dish I remember is Lucy Lemon Squares - and in my memory, it is the best ever recipe for lemon squares. I should see if I could track it down, and find out if it lives up to my memory...


  5. How awesome, you found the recipe for me - thanks!! But sadly, when I look at it, it's not that different from the ones I just recently made, so it probably won't live up to my memory. :^( Maybe there's something special about the climate and elevation in El Paso, TX, that made them the best ever...

  6. I had totally forgotten that we had a Charlie Brown Dictionary. I wonder if it's still on my parent's bookshelves.