Bone Machine

Advertisement for two complete anatomical "manikins." They were given away free as part of your subscription to "The Modern Home Physician" magazine.

The full advertisement does show female nudity, so click and view at your own risk: NSFW.

Found in "The Extremities" by Daniel P. Quiring, Ph. D. Published by Lea and Febiger, 1946.

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  1. Learn how to care for your own body machine!

  2. So female nudity was OK but not male? I assume the towel is on the actual product. Who's eyes were they protecting do you suppose?

  3. Yikes--I'm hoping someone who's already a doctor doesn't need a manikin to study!

    On another note, I absolutely adore your blog. It gives me such joy! So, if you're interested, I gave you a Stylish Blogger Award. You can pick it up on my blog (or just ignore it--either way!).

  4. 'The Extremities'? This is way too good!