Knitters Unite

Between Blogger, Twitter and Facebook, I have been lucky enough to interact with many of you readers out there. The reason I started this blog was to share some of these odd and poignant pieces with the world. So far, so good.

I'm happy to report that I've learned a little bit about all of you. I will admit that I click through many of your profiles just to see who's out there. What have I learned? You are all book lovers. You know I dig that. Crafters as well. As a DIYer and part-time knitter myself, I really enjoy seeing what you all are up to.

That said, I can't help but think that many of you might enjoy this book:

From the Amazon page:

Martini decided to knit the extraordinarily complicated Alice Starmore Fair Isle sweater pattern, known as Mary Tudor, and now chronicles her 12 months’ experience. Shades of Julie and Julia? Well, yes, but Martini offers a deeper, more reflective narrative, one that showcases her interactions with other well-known stitchers; her book features family snippets and personal philosophies and her travels to places where knitters congregate, such as Toronto and Rhinebeck, New York.

We meet Ann Shayne, coauthor of Mason-Dixon Knitting (2006), as well as Amy R. Singer, “Master of the Knitting Universe.” We learn a lot about the craft (or is it an art?) from statistics and these profiles of major figures as well as achieve an understanding of the community that binds knitters together. Marvel—even if you’re a nonknitter—at Martini’s way with words: “Scissors and knitting go together like mashed potatoes and chocolate syrup.” Purling through life was never so fascinating. --Barbara Jacobs

Come on readers, this is right up your alley. Doesn't this sound like an awesome book?
Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy.

If you need more convincing, check out her website,, or look her up on Twitter.


  1. I'm not a knitter but why not promote it as a great Mother's Day gift too!

    Take Care

  2. Very true, Michael.

    I'm sure many of our mothers and grandmothers are knitters.

  3. You have me in stitches with this one, but I'm seriously considering it as a Mother's Day gift for the mother in the household who just happens to knit.

  4. As one of your knitting readers, two needles up for the recommendation. :)

  5. passing this link on to a couple of my knitter friends. I think they would love it!
    ps...I'm amazed you knit :)

  6. Never said I was a good knitter.

    This is my best project to date, made for my niece:

  7. It's a lovel tomato hat - bet your niece looked divine in it. :)

  8. Oh, dear! Does crochet count? Inspired by my daughter and two nieces, I just picked up a hook after 30 years!

    Love the tomato hat!

  9. I'll recommend it to my knitting club at the pub.

  10. Ooh... this looks like a GREAT book! And I'm so glad I found your site today... I am loving every entry!