As some of you know, I finally picked up a new scanner. It has already paid for itself:

Photograph negative.

Found in "Glimpses of the Barren Lands" by Captain Thierry Mallet. Published by Revillion Freres, 1930.
Thanks to my new scanner, I was able to get a nice shot of the negative:

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  1. That is a great photo! Although what looked to me like petticoats on the negative turned out to be shadows of their skirts.

  2. A photo..interesting! The brighter shot screams ''ghosts!'' to me, but that's still awesome.

  3. Aren't computers wonderful?! Years ago my dad bought me a scanner so I could scan old family photos for my genealogy research. Mom found some old negatives that she wasn't sure what they were pictures of. I scanned them and made postives of them to my mother's delight. She could then identify who was pictured.

  4. Great scans Michael. What type of (model) scanner did you get? I'm looking to get a new one but as yet am unsure of what to get. I need something pretty decent.

    Love your blog. Haven't seen anything like it before - such a great idea!