The Beats

Blank piece of stationery from the Cunard Line - R.M.S. "Queen Mary."

Found in "The Beats" edited by Seymour Krim. Published by Gold Medal Books, 1960.

Oh, and the winner of today's 500th Post Giveaway was Mary Mount Dunbar, who entered via Facebook. Mary, I sent you a message, but get in touch with me if you can:

Thanks everyone - hope to bring you 500 more.

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  1. Thank you so very much! I sent you an email! :) Happy 501st post!

  2. That's awesome! Some of my ancestors came to this country on the Queen Mary. What a fun find.

    Congrats to Mary too!

  3. I'm really enjoying your work here. I started with your entry from 25 October 10. I have one quick correction for you. "Stationary" is when something is still; "stationery" is writing paper. {I am compelled to be annoying about it whenever I notice it.} Thanks again.