Taster's Cherce

Hat tip to Alex on the title.

Recipe for... food.

Chocolate Mouse

8 oz bitter sweet ch
egg whites
whip cream

Cook small onions w/ dash of sugar
olive oil, ground pepper add 1/2 butter
add tiny peas (fresh only) canned
slice carrots very thin. cook 1 c (water)
dash salt / sugar
shell steak / roast no fat dab of butter
oregano rosemary thyme
cayenne black pepper dash salt
roll roast in it
brown in olive oil 4 min ea side
asparagus cut on bias in pieces

hot mustard
dash salt
cracked pepper
canola oil

> mix put asparagus in sauce marinate
Make of this what you will.

Found in "The Low Calorie French Cookbook" by Béhotéguy de Téramond. Published by Grossett and Dunlap, 1964.

Many thanks to Sara for deciphering this recipe.

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  1. This reminds me of Rachael's trifle on "Friends". The pages of the cookbook stuck together so she combined a trifle recipe with a shepherd's pie recipe. Joey was the only one who would eat it.

  2. I know I always say it, but I love this blog! I got my book "Days With the Great Composers" and bookmark Wednesday and am so happy with them. Thanks!

  3. Excellent, glad it arrived safe and sound.

  4. Left off the list were 'candles' and 'frilly scanties'.

  5. Oh speaking of arriving safe and sound: The post office trashed the outside envelope, but your excellent packing kept the book super safe. You Rock!