Cute little gift envelope and card (three inches across):


A Gift For You

With very best wishes for your happiness

We will celebrate later.
Love Rene

Found in "Dostoevsky" by Andre Gide. Published by New Directions, 1949.

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  1. hahaha, this is awesome.
    one thing i've often wondered about the things you find in books is if there is any significance (did the person use it for irony, unintentionally, it was all they had, etc). i would be curious to hear the thoughts of some of these book owners.

  2. All of the world's grittiest philosophers and writers should be offset by puppies. I haven't decided whether to intensity of cuteness needs to be proportional to the grittiness of philosopher, but it might be an idea.

  3. The puppy is indeed cute, and the book cover is pretty awesome as well!