Everyone seemed to enjoy the pictures from yesterday's post, so I thought you all might enjoy another round.

Bought these books today, I'm really at a loss for adjectives.

Big, leather, engravings... everything you want in an impressive tome.

To the pics:


As you can imagine, these books are pricey.
For now, I'm leaving them on my desk... just so I can smell them.

-Click to enlarge photos-


  1. Oooohhhhh! The word 'gorgeous' comes to mind. Love those books!

  2. They are stunning!

    Take Care

  3. Those are gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. The binding is just as beautiful as the images inside. Nice find.

    I loved your comment about having the books on your desk to smell them. I love the smell of old books...well and new ones too.

  4. Yup! You used the right adjective there. I can feel the gold leaf embossing on the covers! I'm sure the smell is one of 'old and weighty'.

  5. oh they are beautiful! I wanted to let you know that I got my books today. The first thing I did when opening them was to smell them! :)One of my favorite smells in the world! I love them! Thank you so much! I will blog about it soon.

  6. Beautiful! I'd find it hard to part with those.

  7. Loves books are simply beautiful. Enjoy the sight and smell of them on your desk.