Wants To Marry

Newspaper clipping, dated 11-2-66:

Wants to Marry

-Romina Power (left) and her mother Linda Christian

London, Nov. 1

Romina Power, 15-year-old daughter of film star Linda Christman and the late Tyrone Power, said today she wants to marry a 23-year-old singer.

She named him as Count Stanislaus de Rola and said he is a French pop singer. Her mother said: "I do not approve," but mother and daughter agreed that Romina should wait awhile.

Romina said: "All his friends call him Stash or Prince Stash but he's not really a prince. He proposed before I left Rome recently and I told him he may have to wait until I'm 18."

Found in "Linda" by Linda Christian. Published by Crown, 1962.

ED: Look at the mug on Count Stash. I had to find out if she married him. Turns out Romina had a pretty good career, and ended up marrying this guy, who seems much nicer than Count Stash.

Here's more on the Count and Romina.

One more thing. Linda Christian just replaced Tuesday Weld on my list. Here's why:

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  1. This was a fascinating one!!

    I just clicked a bunch of your links to read more about her. She is beautiful.

    Wikipedia mentioned one of her children went missing in Louisiana. in 1994.

    I do often stop here and look at your finds.

  2. I wouldn't know how to react if I had a 15 year old daughter who wanted to get married. Let alone him of all people. But of course I'm just judging a book by its cover. I agree, she's beautiful and on that picture she looks like a (almost) grown woman.

  3. i love your site. and i also got on the web to check out more info about linda christian. keep up the good work!

  4. As always -- fascinating. I love this snapshot of mod London, along with the traditional non-approval of mom. Keep up the sleuthing!

  5. Linda Christian from the High Chapparal television series?