Settled As Promised

Letter from the office of James A. Townsend, wholesale grocer, Newburgh, NY. Date November 20th, 1889.

Mr. J.C. Merritt
Marlboro NY

Dear Sir:

I return herewith the note you sent to renew the one due yesterday, the 19th. The note has been protested.

You are not adjusting this matter as agreed, and therefore I must take this course and have it settled as promised.

James A. Townsend

Found in "Beauty of Holiness in Heart and Life" edited by Rev. and Mrs. French. Published by the author, 1860.

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  1. Wow - I really love this one. You have an amazing job. I think you will be able to open your own museum!

  2. I love these older missives for a lot of reasons, but this one struck me with the handwriting. I never see anything as glorious anymore as cursive from the 1800's and prior.

  3. There is still a James Townsend Co,. in operation (actually Jas. Townsend & Son), they make clothes for reenactors.