Never Wake A Sleeping

Bear? Dog?

Black and white photo, time stamp of June, 1966.

Found in "Reminiscences of Lev Tolstoi By His Contemporaries." Published by Foreign Languages Publishing House, no date, circa 1950s.

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  1. It looks kind of like a cat--when I saw it's ear in the larger image that's what came to mind.

  2. CAT!!! They love sofas and pillows.

    You have a Thank You on the way, and a bookmark to boot.

  3. a cat, really? seemed really big to me.

    Thanks Mr. C!

  4. Whatever it is, I hope it's not a bear!

  5. Definitely a cat lying on top of some sort of white, fluffy object...
    Letting your cat sleep on something that doesn't match its color is a big no-no, so that would mean the person who took the picture has either never had a cat before, or is afraid of it...which would be explained by it's size...and so the rambling ends...