Love and Marriage

Found this one at the bottom of a box of books recently purchased at auction. In the process of trying to track down Thomas or Alexandra.

No. 5926

Certificate of Marriage
Town of Hempstead

Record No. 99762 of year 1963

that Thomas Wayne Connelly residing
at Freeport, New York who was
born Oct. 6, 1943 at Brooklyn, New York
and Alexandra Muller residing
at Freeport, New York who was
born Oct. 4, 1942 at Jacson Heights, New York
were married on November 30, 1963 at
Freeport, New York, as shown by the
fully registered license and certificate of marriage of said persons filed in this office.

Dated at Hempstead, N.Y.
December 27, 1963

Nathan L.H. Bennett
Town Clerk
Town of Hempstead

by Gilbert Wheeler (?)
Deputy Town Clerk

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  1. Neither are listed on SSDI. I do not locate Alexandrea Connelly, but I do locate a couple of addresses for Thomas W. Connelly. One in NY, with a reference to FL. Spouse is not Alexandrea however. Expect they might have divorced. Searched with birthday specific criteria.

  2. Oh look, it's almost their anniversary!

  3. Thanks, Leslie - I have someone else looking who came up with similar results. I have an ace in the hole, however. Will post if I discover anything.