Odds and Sods

I hope to put up a bookmark later in the day, but wanted to post a few things first.

I'm thrilled to see Forgotten Bookmarks showing up in so many places. A sample:

Etsy: The Storque



James Frey's blog

Casual Optimist

The Genealogue

Snopes and Bookcrossing forums

and many, many more... can't tell you what it means to see so many people enjoying the site.

Don't want to just toot my horn here, so here's a submission from FB friend Jan Markley. I recently posted her find 'Open Toed Shoes.' Here's what she sends along:

Bringing Pagans togeather (sic) since 2001

These are the bookmarks I left in my friend Amber's copy of Death Masks by Jim Butcher when I returned it to her. Upon a recent visit to a hospital to visit a relative I went across the street to have a hamburger at the Wendy's restaurant chain where I proceeded to infiltrate a meeting of local Pagans (aka wiccans, wizards, witches, werewolves - well, maybe not the last one). How did I know they were Pagans? Three guys were sitting at a table with a sign that said: "Pagan meeting here." So being a writer, anthropologist, and incredibly curious person who now talks to strangers, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Upon closer observation I noticed that each one wore a pentagram necklace. So I crashed their meeting (me: so you're like a bunch of Pagans eh?!) and I asked if I could join them.

So the bookmarks left in her book included a business card from Logan Stardust, Organizer - Bringing Pagans togeather (sic) since 2001, a hospital visitor infomation card, which on one side I scribbled down the names of the fantasy books the Pagan's recommended to me, and on the other side is a fundraising ad for the hospital foundation.

The Pagans nearly mugged me out for my friend's copy of Death Masks by Jim Butcher.


  1. By the way, anyone else start humming, "Logan played guitar... jamming good with Weird and Gilly - and the Frostees from Mars..."

  2. You can see my cat's tail in the first pic. She's poised to skyrocket to you tube fame in a vid my niece did called "Sprite doesn't like rejection re-make" which features her eating rejection letters I received from literary agents!

    It's on my site at janmarkley.com

    Cheers, jan